Quality Facts

You will get reliable quality!

Distinctive features of
our products are:

  • Giant logs. Old growth Scandinavian pine logs are extraordinary dense and resistant to rot and insects.
  • Precision as a fundamental principle. The edges of the lateral grooves are made to compress into the wood to guarantee the tightness of the joints. The dried logs are milled a second time to straighten them. Based on the customers’ taste, we offer a variety of corner notch styles.
  • Each notch is hand finished with a knife.
  • The Tri-Level Scribing Method developed by Timo Aro-Heinila has achieved great success in keeping wall logs fitting tight. The outer side of a log shrinks less than the inner side. This phenomenon has been problematic throughout the history of log building, resulting in the scribed lateral groove opening up. Usually this happens slowly, taking decades to effect. The new technique tackles this nuisance by making an unbalanced groove prior to terminal shrinkage. A few years after the assembly the logs reach their final form, and the result is tight fitting logs. Long walls will not need supporting studs or crossing walls in the same degree as earlier. Also the tension in tie beams will be reduced. Walls will stay plumb and be sealed tight.
  • Art as a perspective. A tensioned wholeness is built up by logs in the composition. The log crafting master consciously tunes your shell to play a clear tone by combining different size logs, tapered and bended shapes in a complex harmony. Many kinds of unusual wishes of structural or decorative solutions are welcome.
  • Delivery follows an agreed upon schedule. Enough loose time is preserved to the crafting process in order to persist also the unexpected. We have never been late of the delivery date!
  • Structural specialities:
    – All log work is done in the Ateljee (800 m2), thus logs will not get swollen or coloured in rain.
    – A fine machine hewing treatment on the flat surfaces of the logs ensures longevity in the logs.
    – Pre-bored electricity channels are installed in all homes.
    – T-profile solid wood splines are built for all openings of windows and doors and floating posts installed in partition slots for anchoring the light-frame walls.

  • Capacity. We are able to build up to 500 m2 large lodges inside our Atelier. We have old-growth pine ready-on-stock for your log-home dream to come.
  • Support with construction planning. We provide you a network of construction engineers & architects for you to plan your log-home dream.