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Hirsitikka Ltd

Our family owned company has been creating premium handcrafted log lodges, homes & villas since 2008.

Hirsitikka Ltd is dedicated to hand crafted log buildings that will last generations. The nature and shape of each individual log is respected with as minimal fitting loss as possible.

We are a long time member of International Log Builders Association ILBA community and keep our professionals up-to-date about international field & research on about constructing of timber.

Our aim is to show that handcrafted log home is future lifestyle – it has a low ecological footprint, it is unique, healthy and natural. When you build a properly designed artisan made home, you can be sure that its value does not decrease in time. When you pass your log home to the next generation, you pass them the whole lifestyle.

Every building will be labelled by a logo, year and the number of the log shell. We have all together experience of 57 log building projects at the moment.

Who are behind the company?

Log master Timo Aro-Heinilä, is dedicated to develop log building techniques to meet his needs for accuracy & stability for the log-house. He’s into modern architectural desing to make artisan made log-houses an appealing solution to modern-day people that are dreaming of a custom wooden home. Timo challenges all architects and construction engineers to create something new out of wood. In skilled hands, the log bends to open-minded solutions. He is also a Master of Social Sciences and a father of 3 sons. He is a great combination of an artistic visionary & innovative engineer. In his opinion there are no problems, just different solutions to choose from.

Hanna Aro-Heinilä, CEO, is an internationally oriented and trained branding & communications professional with 2o years of entrepreneurial experience. She’s passionate about visual communications and the development of brands and has a love-hate relationship with social media. She’s oriented towards international business and speaks very fluent English. Before her entrepreneuship she worked for almost 5 years in BtoB print media house. In addition to Hirsitikka, Hanna has founded two other companies: one covers hospitality & culture travel and the other is a designing company Archaic Art Ltd. Feel free to contact her if Timo is wearing his earmufss too tight while working in his Atelier.

Naantali Archipelago

The Naantali archipelago as an environment is perfect to us. This is the last Island on the route you can reach without taking a ferry.

We have a very qualified team that consists of 5-8 professionals in total, depending on the season and on-going project: from planning to processing raw wood and re-assembling log houses on site.

Everything happens in an 800 m2 log-built Atelier, which has a strong bridge crane and a Wood-Mizer band saw.

We are able to build a lodge up to 500 squaremeters. That means we have already bought in, peeled and dried all the precious giant old-growth wood for your project – they are ready-on-stock for your log-home dream to come true.

Remember that sometimes things can happen easy and smooth. We are here for you. Waiting for you to reach out!

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President: Timo Aro-Heinila
CEO: Hanna Aro-Heinila

Hirsitikka Ltd
Pohjanpääntie 90,
21180 Livonsaari,

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