About Us

Hirsitikka Ltd

Our family owned company in the Finnish Archipelago has been creating premium log buildings since 2008. Hirsitikka Ltd is dedicated to hand crafted log buildings that will last generations. The nature and shape of each individual log is respected with as minimal fitting loss as possible. A true masterpiece gives a clear tone tensioned by a mighty orchestra of the forest. Every building will be signatured by a logo, year and the number of the logshell.

Our dream is to get a chance to be among the crew building a monumental log building mightier than ever seen.

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President: Timo Aro-Heinila
CEO: Hanna Aro-Heinila

Hirsitikka Ltd
Pohjanpääntie 90,
21180 Livonsaari,

+358 50 5700 491