– Premium Quality

Craftsman & Logsmith from Finland at your service

Hirsitikka exports & offers
consultation services
on handcrafted log
buildings worldwide.

Master log-builder Timo Aro-Heinilä is dedicated to creating modern handcrafted log homes with ambition. Scandinavian style giant logs and advanced dovetail corner joints are our specialties. Every corner is made with an accuracy of a Swiss watch. See for more details about the quality facts.

International cooperation enables us the use different wood materials and helps us to stay tuned in new innovations and design. We are a member of Finnish log builders Association and International Log builders Association ILBA.

We have so far built 57 log-building projects here in Finland – both to domestic customers but also internatiolas ones that want their own hide-away here in Finland.

We would be proud to export to any country in the future. Welcome to our world of wood & handcraft!

We have the ability to build up to 500 squaremeters in our Atelier. Dry old-growth-pine will be found ready-in-stock. We are here for you!

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